Paver Installation

What materials do we use?

Ken Steenstra Landscaping, Inc. installs only quality paving stones. We recommend Cambridge, TechoBloc, Anchor, EP Henry and CST.

Is the foundation important?

Yes, this is where what you don’t know, may hurt you. The foundation is the key to the construction and a primary determinate of cost. For driveways, the excavation should be 12 below final grade and for patios or sidewalks it should be 10".


How do I care for my newly installed sod?

Proper watering is essential to the establishment of your new sod. For the first 7 – 10 days you should keep the sod and soil beneath completely soaked. Watering once a day for the first 2 weeks is a general guideline if the weather is cool, up to 3 times a day if it is the hot season. During the third week, reduce watering to every second or third day for approximately 10 – 15 minutes each time. After 3 weeks the sod should be established and may be mowed. Cut back to a normal watering routine for your location.

What watering tips should be followed for proper lawn care?

The most important maintenance practice for your lawn is to keep it properly watered. Your lawn should receive roughly 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week during the summer months. Deep watering, to reach the roots of the grass plants isrecommended over light waterings. The best time to water is early morning. It is a good idea to water your lawn the day before it will be mowed in order to minimize the browning effect.

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